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Business Conference

Business Representation

Our business representation services are focused on helping companies around the world to invest in Mexico and expand their business. In addition, we support Mexican companies in the comercialization of their products and services. ​

COBURCH works on a partnership-minded business model focused in creating business relationships based on cooperation, transparency, environmental conservation and legality. Our main objective is to establish solid and long-term business relationships. 


Our knowledge of the market, together with a sense of teamwork, provides the necessary foundation to accelerate the expansion of your business.


Trading and Distrubution Services

The importance of trading and distribution, is a business tool that can help companies grow and optimize the distribution of their products strategically through different business partners.

Through our different alliances and commercial representations, we have the necessary structure to support small and medium-sized companies to commercialize their products and expand their market.

If you want more information, do not hesitate to contact us and we will gladly support you in developing and growing your project.

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